Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy Summer

Today we complete our first session of swim lessons. Zane is doing great. He loves to float and kick on his belly. In the two short weeks he has gone from not wanting to jump in to jumping in without me holding his hands. Yesterday he did not want me to hold him, he soon found out that he sinks. He changed his mind on me holding him. Yesterday was also the first day that he did not put up a full protest when it was time to float on his back. He only did it once. Hopefully that will change as we have three more sessions left.

We are having the swim lessons at Brimhall Pool, through the City of Mesa. There are also other great classes that we are doing, especially the ones at the Arizona Museum of Youth! First one is on Sat. It is Messy Creations (I believe?!). To view classes-click on link and sign in as guest and browse TimeOut Magazine.

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