Monday, April 14, 2008

Zane's first fishing trip

Today, April 14, we decided to have a family outing at the Riparian area. As usual, David and I have different ideas of what to do:) I was thinking we would walk around the back lakes and search for the birds. David wanted to take Zane fishing. As you can see, David won! Zane had fun playing with the poles. There was not much fishing done. Zane decided that the bait would be better served going to the ducks! It was really cute. There were three ducklings that started it all. Then the other ducks joined. One was very brave, Zane held the piece of bread out and started to call it, like he calls the dog, and tried to give the duck a kiss! He was also calling and motioning for the fish to come. He is a very silly boy. After he had run out of bait to feed the ducks, we went to the creek. There him and Daddy "panned" for gold. Zane was leading David all around. When he spotted a bunny he chased after it. The whole morning reminded me of my favorite poem "I took his hand and followed". We had a great time and Zane was worn out!!!

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