Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Has it almost been two months

I did not realize that it has been two months since the last posting, but that is what happens when you have life.  Between baseball, school, Rock (church youth program), potty training, swim team, swim lessons, dive lessons, and baseball that was unexpected. Then you add starting a women's ministry at the church, planning on how not to go crazy this summer and keep the kids from saying the dreaded "b" word, especially when it reaches 120 out and I don't want them being electronically entertained. I feel like there is no way we could be three days from June!

Well, I now have a second grader!!!!  He finished first grade and did so well.  I am so excited to see how much he has learned this year, as I sit with him over the summer and really reflect with him.  I don't like to do much "school" type stuff after school because he has just spent the last 8 hours doing that and needs time to play and be a kid.  So that is what he does.  Plus Cody needs his big brother!

First day of first grade

First Day of First Grade

Wanting to be part of First Grade

Last Day of First Grade

Last Day of first grade

Always wanting everything big brother has or does
 On May 11th we did the Neon Splash Dash as a family!  This is the same night run that Zane and I did in Oct.  but this time ALL did it!!!!  It was so much fun but I sure had three tired boys after.  See David and Zane got back from the school's camp out (Thurs, Fri and Sat.) on Sat. afternoon.  They were home 2.5 hours before we took off for the race and were up there for 4 or more hours.  So much fun though! The pictures are in no particular order!

My baby all painted!

A cold and tired Zane

Got to see our good friend Michelle

Beginning of the race in Salt River Fields where Rockies and D-Backs have Spring Training

Team Rainbow Brite Runs at Night!

Getting our glow on

Cody going through his first glow zone and only time he walked through one

Under the black light

Before the messy!
We have also been very busy with baseball.  Zane ended his season back on the 7th.  But we got a message from his coach that the league wanted us to play in a Tournament of Champions on May 18th.  We were out matched because our kids were coach pitch and 6 and 7 playing in a tournament with a pitching machine (new this fact) against a team that was what we call the Farm League (a mix of Kid pitch and coach pitch) who were 8 and 9 year olds.  WOW these boys do have a major growth spurt between now and 9! But all things considered they did great!  We were also blessed that the president of our league was there to see our team play.  He realized that the letter our coach wrote to them was not an exaggeration and invited our WHOLE team to play in the all-star game!  So we now have two more games!  We added two players from another team.  We had another little surprise yesterday.  We arrive at practice when one of the other coaches comes running (literally) to our coach asking for 3 players.  Well, good thing we arrive early!  Because Zane was one of the ones that were asked.  This was great because I got a chance to understand what Farm League is better and see how Zane stacks up to these kids.  It looks like we will be doing Farm next spring.  The coach for the team Zane played for said he would be ready for Minors, think that is a little too much too fast.  But realized that another year of coach pitch would not benefit him either.  I will try and get a post that shows the pictures of baseball.  We have some good ones!

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